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Safelists and Mailers

Note:If you already a member of some of the programs below,skip them.

Use the same username for all the programs when possible to make this easier to recall your login info and to brand yourself.

Just like Traffic Exchanges,write down your username,ID and affiliate URL for each program in a Word document or spread sheet and use Robo Form if you want for future reference.

Join the Safelists/Mailers listed below:

Make sure you create a NEW gmail account and use that email adress to create your accounts in safelists or your main account will get flooded with safelist emails!!!!

Some safelists require 2 email accounts,one for list emails and one for contact emails.


If you not using safelists yet,you‘re missing a great opportunity to build your list and/or to get more referrals to the programs you are promoting.And if you are using safelists,you need this tool to organize your safelists activities.Because each safelist has a different delay between sending times.

Viralmailprofits will help you see a glance where you can send a broadcast each day, and you will only have to cut and paste you email in the safelist to send.You can even set up other types of programs that allow you to send emails to your downline!Viralmailprofits is also a very effective mailer in itself!

Sign up free-



is another tool that will allow you to keep track of all your mailers.It is even easier to set up than Viralmailprofits.A few clicks and you can start keeping track of your mailers!

Sign up for free                           One Time $7

150clicks = 100 guaranteed clicks


HOT- ReferralBuilderElite

This awesome site will help you fill your downline builders almost automatically

Monthly bonuses-Not free,yearly fee

Traffic Codex-Get tons of free promo codes here-It's free

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